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Welcome to Manitouwabing Lake, one of the most popular lakes in the Parry Sound region! Originally composed of three smaller lakes, the construction of the Hurdville dam a century ago created the lake's present 3000-acre form and its impressive 100km-long shoreline. Today, some of the region's most impressive cottages can be found along its shores.

Situated along the North Branch of the Seguin River, is an expansive lake characterized by its numerous bays. While its overall depth is relatively shallow, it does feature several isolated basins that contain deeper water. Summer surveys have revealed that water temperatures vary within the lake, ranging from 69°F at the surface to 40°F near the lake bed. Thermal stratification, the layering of water with different temperatures, is not strongly evident in the larger basins of Manitouwabing Lake. However, the lake exhibits a consistent dissolved oxygen content throughout, with an average of 9.2 parts per million near the surface and 8.2 parts per million closer to the bottom.

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Quick Lake Facts

  • .Large "Finger Lake" @ over 1100 square kms & 117 kms. of shoreline with many shallow bays.
  • Dam controlled - Owned and operated by Parry Sound Power Gen. in accordance with Seguin River Water Management Plan.
  • Proximity to Parry Sound, access to The Ridge at Manitou and miles of great boating boost demand.
  • Some of the bays on the flooded areas can be very shallow while the original lake areas tend to be much deeper.
  • Year round cottages generally run $1,200,00-$3,000,000++ with very few good vacant waterfront building lots available.

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Real Estate Information

2019 - 46 waterfront properties sold $85,000 - $1,575,000 | Median sale price $500,000

2020 - 42 waterfront properties sold $82,000 - $2,900,000 | Median sale price $587,500

2021 - 36 waterfront properties sold $41,000 - $2,345,000 | Median $669,000

2022 - 11 waterfront properties sold $340,000 - $2,600,000 | Median $1,111,000

*Freehold Properties ( no leased land, time-shares, rentals etc.)

Source - The Lakelands Association of Realtors®

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