Magnetawan Properties for Sale | Fall 2023

Horn Lake, Magnetawan

Magnetawan, much like other areas in cottage country, has experienced a notable decline in real estate sales throughout the summer. Cottages, in particular, have witnessed a decrease in demand due to factors such as rising interest rates and a downturn in Ontario's economy. Many potential buyers are adopting a cautious "wait-and-see" approach, anticipating further price reductions in the spring.

Although home sales have also dipped, the decline is not as pronounced as in the waterfront property market. Magnetawan remains an attractive option for those seeking a more affordable alternative to the pricier regions to the south, such as Muskoka. Homes in this area are often priced 30-40% lower than comparable properties and still offer proximity to a fantastic chain of lakes, including the Ahmic Lake / Lake Cecebe system.

Currently, there are 23 properties available for sale in Magnetawan, encompassing homes, cottages, and vacant land. Waterfront properties range in price from $499,000 for a lot on Ahmic Lake to $1,699,000 for a year-round home on Neighick (Beaver) Lake. Homes for sale number 4 units, with prices ranging from $429,000 to $579,000, and there are 8 vacant properties listed.

When we examine historical listing numbers, it becomes evident that the period from 2019 to 2023 falls well below the average for both residential and waterfront properties. It is anticipated that 2024 will witness a notable increase in property listings, primarily driven by mortgages coming up for renewal and the increasing cost of financing, which may become prohibitive for many potential buyers.

Magnetawan Listing Volumes | All Property Types

Magnetawan Waterfront Sales | Cottages & Vacant Lots

Magnetawan Non-Waterfront Sales | Homes & Vacant Land

As you can see by the charts, the real estate landscape has changed very fast from a Sellers market to firmly in a Buyers. As the number of property listings continues to rise and the buyer pool dwindles we see significant downward pressure in all price ranges. You can see a more detailed look at Magnetawans real estate forecast here. We expect the higher-end homes and cottages will show more price resilience than entry-level properties, particularly on the more sought after lakes like Ahmic, Neighick and Horn.

Lake Cecebe, Magnetawan Ontario


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